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Home Safety: Do You Know the Basics of Home Security?

Most people feel confident about the basics of home security. For example: Keep all doors locked. Have al ight on in the houe while away.  Never hide a key outside in an obvious place, like under the mat.

Yet, almost a million and a half properties get burglarized in North America eachyear. So how can you prevent that from happening to your home? Here are a few less know home security basics:

*Actually, NEVER hide a key outside. Thieves know all the hiding places. Instead, make sure all family members have a key.

*Two-thirds of home burglaries occur during the day! So be extra vigilant about making sure doors and windows are locked while you're away during the day.

*Surprisingly, most thieves are not daring.  They are 2.7 times more likely to target a home WITHOUT an alarm systme.

*Thieves will attepmt to force entry through SLIDING-STYLE  doors and windows first. So make sure these have a locking bar or extra bolt lock.

*Surprisingly, 40% of household burglaries do not involve forced entry. The thief is able to slip in through an unlocked window or door.

*Don't show off possessions! An imported racing bike parked next to the garage, or expensive audio equipment clearly seen through a window...or stacks of wrapped presents.....is an invitation to burglars.

*Take a look at the lighting and landscaping around your hproperty.  Are there spots where a thief could easily hide? If so, make some changes.

*When planning a trip, have a trusted neighbour pick up newspaperes, flyers and anything else that amay accuulate at your door.

Your local police department probably has a BLOCK WATCH program and can provide extra tips about special programs to keep you home secure.

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