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Is staging worth it?

All the things we love are collected around us, right?  And a new buyer wants to know who we are, right? Not really!  The new buyer wants a place to put his or her stuff....that means you need to make room for the new buyers to see where their stuff will fit.  Having a home staged makes an empty slate for the new buyers to see how they will live in the space that you have called home.  Buying a home is an emotional decidson, potential buyers will make an emotional connection with your home if they can see themselves in it.    Do you agree?
Serene on May 3, 2010 12:18 PM posted:
ja, I agree. I always think that something in one's life is fated. When you wanna buy something, the first sight plays a big role.Emotionally, when I feel from the depth of my mind that it's actually the one I want, I will make a quick decision instead of hesitating, because I know if I don't, I'll regret.

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